New Care Models

Under the Symphony Vanguard Programme, South Somerset became a Primary and Acute Care System (PACS) site and researched, tested and implemented a variety of new and innovative roles and care models that closely worked and collaborated with the community and the acute Trusts. This not only strengthened relationships between providers but also facilitated the delivery of care in the most appropriate setting for patients.

We continue to benefit from the original work undertaken by the Vanguard programme following the introduction of Health Coaches, Complex Care GPs and Care Coordinators (Complex Care Team). We are continuing this work by introducing more specialists into our practices to not only reduce the workload of our GPs and other clinicians, but to ensure that we provide access to a broad range of care professionals who will best support patients with their care needs.

Multidisciplinary Team

Our Multi-Disciplinary Teams include a variety of positions:

Health Coach

Health coaches work closely with not only the practice team but other professionals in the community to support an individual manage their health by setting goals and accessing resources, bringing patients together through group sessions and also supporting the coordination of their care needs.

Health Care Assistant

Healthcare Assistants assist the practice clinical team in the provision and delivery of prescribed programmes of patient care such as new patient health checks, BMI, Urinalysis, ECG recording, INR monitoring, Doppler testing, Blood Pressure Monitoring, Phlebotomy, Wound Care, weight management etc.

Practice Manager

Practice Managers are responsible for the operational management of the practice, providing quality assurance and demonstrating Practice performance against targets along with the ongoing development of the Practice and its workforce.


Pharmacists support, promote and implement high quality, evidence-based, cost-effective and safe use of medicines. This includes patient medication reviews, helping the practice achieve prescribing targets and supporting the implementation of national and local guidance in order to improve patient care.

Prescribing Clerk

Prescriptions Clerks liaise with Clinicians, Receptionists, Practice Staff, Patients and local Pharmacies as well as other health care organisations to ensure patient’s repeat prescriptions are produced and any queries dealt with or escalated.

Pharmacy Technician

Help patients to get the best from their medicines by advising on medication queries, and actioning medicines reconciliation following discharge from secondary care as in-patient or out-patient., facilitating audits and safety alerts.

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioners provide care for patients from initial history taking, clinical assessment, diagnosis, treatment and evaluation of their care. They work collaboratively with the multi-disciplinary general practice team to meet the needs of patients, supporting the delivery of policy and procedures.

Practice Nurse

Practice Nurses support patients to be healthy, monitoring long-term conditions, health prevention and screening activities. They work collaboratively with the whole general practice team to meet the needs of patients, supporting the delivery of policy and procedures, and providing nurse leadership as required. They run clinics and provide Chronic Disease Management based on their own specialism.

Experienced Care Practitioner

ECPs are experienced paramedics who work closely with our GPs to advise on treatment and healthcare for patients, to include those presenting in the primary care setting and those in the community. They attend home visits and provide care plans. They are also able to triage acute patients presenting in the surgery environment.


Our GPs proactively manage the health of the practice patient list with the support of the wider team (including health coaches, care co-ordinators, advance nurse practitioners, social workers, mental health workers etc.). They work with the wider healthcare community to promote patient independence, utilising self-management principles and patient activation.

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

ANPs are experienced nurses who provide care for the presenting patient from initial history taking, clinical assessment, diagnosis, treatment and evaluation of care. They provide expert care, including assessment and diagnostic skills at an advanced level.

Clinical Lead

Clinical Leads are the main clinical contact for other clinicians in a practice, dealing with concerns or queries. They are accountable for clinical performance (e.g. practice prescribing, reviewing clinical complaints, ensuring clinical criteria, i.e. long term condition monitoring) and have overall responsibility for CQC compliance.

Administration and Reception

Our administration and reception teams receive, assist and direct patients in accessing the appropriate service or healthcare professional and support the smooth running of the Practice