Welcoming Ryalls Park Medical Centre!

Image of Ryalls Park Medical Centre

On the 1 April 2021, Ryalls Park Medical Centre officially became part of Symphony Healthcare Services (SHS).

Ryalls Park Medical Centre is the fifteenth surgery to join SHS, which now looks after the healthcare needs of around 88,000 patients.

Our initial focus will be to provide stability to the practice for the patients as well as reviewing all of the functions and services over time so we can work towards achieving a good rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) on their return. This is important because it helps us to provide reassurance that the healthcare services we provide are safe, effective and patient centred.

We look forward to working in collaboration with the Ryalls Park Medical Centre patients in the development of practice services and processes, with the hope that all patients will start to see the benefits of the practice being part of a larger organisation over time.