Become a part of SHS

If you are considering an alternative option to your current partnership model, SHS may be the right organisation for you and your team.

Integrating into SHS and using our particular operating model enables practices to retain key aspects of their individuality whilst benefitting from being part of a largescale organisation, and remaining within the NHS.


There are a number of reasons why you may wish to join a larger organisation but here are some of the reasons that would make SHS the right choice for you.

  • Our values and ethos are central to everything we do and although we are striving to be a national exemplar in primary care, we understand that all primary care must succeed and as such the sustainability of general practice within the system as a whole is critical to us;
  • Our governance structure therefore supports collaborative working and we wish to continue to work with those around us, whether they are integrated or not;
  • Our clinical and non-clinical networks help us to drive innovation across our practices and primary care networks and we love to share the lessons we have learnt and the quality improvements that may benefit others;
  • We can provide opportunities to work across practices, and sometimes providers that we have built relationships with, which we feel is invaluable in developing staff expertise and skills, and also provides a variety in the work that you do;
  • We are working hard to become a recognised research and training organisation and wish to support the other interests that our staff may have;
  • We always look to introduce new roles into your team to provide a greater variety of healthcare services to the population that you care for and support our remaining GPs;
  • We have back office functions such as finance, HR, data analytics, administration workflow and much more to allow you to focus on providing high quality care to your patients.



Whether you are struggling to recruit or are looking at the long-term viability or strategy of your surgery, SHS can offer a tailored solution.


For more information, please contact us and we would be happy to set up an exploratory meeting where we can discuss your individual practice circumstances and your vision for the future.

For more information or to arrange a meeting please contact:


Bryony Finch, Director of Corporate & Transformation 


01935 383166