How to join SHS

How can Symphony Healthcare Services support GP Practices?

Symphony Healthcare Services (SHS) has worked closely with GP Practices to design an operating model that enables GP Practices to retain their individual identity, whilst benefiting from the support of a larger primary care organisation and staying within the NHS.

As a GP Partner would you like to:

  • Benefit from the support of a larger organisation?
  • Join a clinical network within SHS, who are helping to drive innovation across practices and devise new ways  of meeting patient’s needs both today and in to the future?
  • Be supported by a central team with HR, Finance and operational management so that you can concentrate more on patient care?
  • Continue to work within the NHS, but have the opportunity to work across a variety of GP practices and develop new areas of clinical expertise?
  • Introduce new roles in to your practice team, as part of a multi-disciplinary approach that will reduce pressure on your GPs and give a greater choice of healthcare services to patients?
  • Help to secure the long term future of healthcare services at your practice?

GP practices choose to join SHS for a number of reasons, some practices are struggling to recruit and replace GPs and GP partners who have left or retired, other practices have a full complement of GPs, but are looking to the future.  Joining SHS enables GP practices to start to develop the new ways of delivering healthcare services that will help to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for General Practice.

By becoming part of a network of practices there are ways that we can reduce duplication and increase efficiencies that help to manage a GP’s workload whilst helping patients to receive the complex healthcare support when they need it, along with the support and encouragement to better manage existing health conditions.

Would you like to know more?

If you would like to know more about how practices join SHS and the benefits that this partnership can bring, we would love to hear from you.

Give us a call, or drop us an email and we would be very happy to meet you in person to give you more background and detail on SHS and the model of integration and its potential advantages.

We can discuss your individual practice circumstances and your vision for the future.  You may wish to have the LMC present, which we would welcome.

For more information, or to arrange a meeting please contact:

Bryony Finch, Corporate Business Manager
Phone: 01935 383166
Email: Bryony.Finch@YDH.NHS.UK